Let’s Build a Restroom Facility for Akoma International Academy!

Greetings Family,

While we were in Ghana from May 23 to June 11, we made donations to a number of schools, orphanages and villages. We also worked with our main school, Akoma International Academy and conducted the #EveryGirlCanGhana Program with 11 beautiful young ladies. We want to thank the group of 35 who also donated $650US towards the “Akoma Toilet Project” but we need to raise an additional $2400 by September 17 as we want the school to go into the new school year with a much needed restroom facility. THIS is your opportunity to give bLack and truly make a difference in the lives of over 200 students.

Pleade donate HERE or visit www.igiveblack.org and hit DONATE. We will be sure to send you a Thank You Gift and also connect you with the principal and board of the school.


Yaa Gyasi Peppy Parke

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