First launched in 2007 as an after school program in Maryland, USA, the Every Girl Can (EGC) program was developed by Yasmin Anderson-Smith. The program’s objectives are to:

Enrich, Encourage, Elevate and Empower PLUS Inspire girls and help them to:

  • Find their voice for personal expression
  • Build self-in themselves
  • Be socially savvy (self-aware, respectful, polite, culturally sensitive, self-controlled)
  • Embrace a healthy self-image
  • Build high esteem and healthy relationships
  • Develop personal leadership
  • Recognize media stereotyping of girls/women

In 2015, Rosie Parke was trained by Yasmin Anderson-Smith and became the first (and only) facilitator to take the program to the continent of Africa. The #EveryGirlCanGhana Program includes every module of the EGC program, in addition to fitness and wellness and PEP (passion, energy and perseverance). To date, a total of 35 young ladies in Ghana have been trained and graduated from the program. Our goal is to train at least 100 girls in Ghana by the year 2021.