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Special Thanks Akoma Toilet Project

Special thanks to the following donors who attended and donated at our founder’s annual Birthday FunRaiseHer which was held on September 8, 2018. A $1,000 was raised and sent to Ghana and was used to help to complete the Akoma Toilet Project.

Loughton Sargeant, Hilary A. Kum, Marcus Tafari Samuel, Finiana Joseph, Carlos Wilcox, Paul A. McLaughlin, Eric McFarlane, Wentworth Jojo Richardson, Zygi Phipps, Datraass Bobbyb, Jessica Franklin, Darlene Smith, Harrison Grayson, Dennis & Pansy Maxwell, Horace Ellis, Lisa Waddell Nash, Sweet Home Jamaica, Aaron Loney, Rasta Jamarich, Joelle J’MaicanComedy Author, Eric Madden, Andrea Christie, Oronde Yero, Rodney Jordan, Mae Best, Claudette Henry, Natasha Queen, Darien Green, Lisa Greene-Clarke, Fiona Wright, Racquel Brown-Gaston, Heather Edwards, Cheryll March, Ange’ Anglade, Lorna Kirlew, Antoinette Greene-Fisher, Marvett Nelson, Beverley Garnes Toussaint, Bryan Bernard, Ivel M’sa Felder-Hylton, Thaia Grace, Winfield McKell, Suzette Salmon, Tomoy Newman, Cherel Seezer, Deloris, Benjie, Damon Johnston, Orville, William Ngutter, Yvonne Goldbourne, Suzanne Matthews, LaShone Hunt, J’Huti Ta Seti, Mia Aguilar, Paul Clark, Cathy Ross, Marva & Michael, Jonathan Smith, Keith Easton, Papa WaBe, Tony Carr, Carol McLean, Nola Mendez-Parks, Lennard Jack Jr, Inez Henderson

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