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Thanks for Supporting 4 Students from AAIA

Welcome to 2014,We closed out 2013 exceeding our original goal and I just wanted to pop in to say THANKS again for your donation to the Ghana Project. Because of your generous support, we were able to build a website for the Youth Institute of Science & Technology and will be supporting 4 students who attend the Ayensudo Akoma International Academy. I appreciate all the 49 donors and I am very blessed to have you in my corner as I do my small part in making a BIG difference. Thanks again.

I hope the New Year brings you loads of peace, blessings and joy. Stay connected and please find frequent updates on this website or on our Facebook page (I Give BLack).

For those of you who indicated an interest in going to Ghana with me next year, I will be going with Africa for the Africans: Tours & Investments from October 29-November 11, 2014. Please email me for all the pertinent information and to get a discount.

Below is a list of all our donors who we appreciate so very much:
Melrose Parks, Nneka Scroggins, Melissa Smith, Jemma Harris, Kwame Ankomah, Sancha Flynn, Ethlyn Simpson, Delta St. Vil, Bomani Tyehimba, Loughton Sargeant, Lennack Jack, Jacqueline Williams, Eric McFarlane, Leon Staton, Nadia Anderson, Millie David, Lloyd Roberts, Stephen Sealy, Racquel Brown-Gaston, Stephen King, Ashanta Sellers, Ted Wright, III, Ivel M’Sa Felder, Rasta King, Bobby Ball, Niya Davis, Alonzo Lewis, Marvett Nelson, Neville Mitcham, Michelle Campbell, Carol McLean, Beverley Gregory, Cecilyn Parke, Robin Parke, Khani Smith, Jr., Akilah Karima, Zewdi Tsegay, Cynthia Savoy, Ras Yute, Clovis Taylor, George Powell, Dr. William ‘Flip’ Clay, Niron White, Lydia Curtis, Marcia Walker, Lorna Kirlew, Dr. Carol Jagdeo, Shaunta James, Rodney Jordan, Heinrod David, The Jerk Pit, Irie Bar & Grille, DJ Franklin Pepper, Femilayo Johnson-Coker, Idriys Abdullah, Ichelle Cole, Pamela Marshall, Raymond Agnant, Ange Anglade, Shaunta James, Deitra Nealy-Shane.
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