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Thanks from the children at Ayensudo Akoma International Academy

Greetings family,

As you may know, I did not travel to Ghana this year as part of the Africa for the Africans tour and so I missed out on the opportunity to visit my precious children at the various schools I have been supporting.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received a package from Bomani Tyehimba that the children had sent to show their thanks.  I find it amazing that even though they are the ones we are trying to help, they find the time to say thanks by also giving. That gesture has had me smiling since yesterday and I am so happy, I have to share my joy.  I also want to show you the video they did showing how much they appreciate our help as they continue to do well in school.  If we continue to help them, they will continue to do better, so please consider making one of these precious children a child you sponsor annually.  Grace Essibir is the child I have chosen to sponsor annually, so think about it, and get back to me.


Thanks from the children at Ayensudo

I am still fundraising, and had a a birthday gathering on September 16 and raised $511 which will go towards sponsoring children in the new school year (2015).  It would be nice if we could continue to sponsor the 6 we already sponsored by it is also great if we can give another child a chance.  Think about how $300 a year can help a child to complete his/her education and if you want to make a difference, click HERE.

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