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The Ghana May 2018 Group

Once again, very many thanks to my amazing 2018 donors:
Dionne Symes, Cheikh Amma Diop, Michelle Wheeler, Nola Mendez-Parks, Carol McLean, Ange’ Anglade, Suzette Salmon, Sancha Flynn, Chenzira Kahina, Melrose Parks, Irvin Perry, Nicola Nix, Idriys Abdullah, Charisse Lynn, Scott Paynter, Stephen King, Tony Roberts, Pat Davis-Lemessy, Leonie Brooks, Minnie Allen, Vanessa Butler, Mario Lanclos, Bekkah Marshall, Diana Mason Dujon, Pablo Daley, Morris Redd, Beverley Garnes-Toussaint, Beverley Gregory, Debbie Russell, Darlene Smith, Lennard Jack Jr, Ivel M’sa Felder, Barrington Salmon, Nigel Johnson, Shaunta Hew, Trevor Salmon, Jacqueline Gowdie, Phyllis Jordan, Ma Re, Tammarrah Addison, Earl Walker and Bobby Ball, via The Give Black Foundation, Inc❤
On another note, we say very many thanks to Africa for the Africans for such an amazing tour.  It was 35 of us and definitely the best group I have had the privilege of traveling with in my history of traveling with a group. I have met so many new friends and a few very special people that it makes my heart sing to know that I was where I was supposed to be, when I was supposed to be, and in the frame of mind and spirit I was in, which allowed me to have a fulfilling and most amazing experience.
Interested in going to Ghana in May 2019?
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