Apart from the joy of helping someone who is less fortunate, giving back gives you a special feeling of thinking about others not directly connected to you or your family.  Think back to a time when someone on the street asked you for something, and you gave them without hesitation.  Do you remember the smile on their face?  The thanks in their eyes?  The way YOU felt to make a difference?  I rest my case.

Think about how you can give back to Blacks who are less fortunate as you go about your business — not just to our causes, but from your heart and to anyone. There are many stories we could share about our visits to Ghana and other places.  We can talk about the NEED.

We can talk about the beauty of the children we give back to.  We can talk about how giving back will shape a promising future for the children we are helping.  We can talk about a lot of things.  YOU know how your donations, time and talents can make a significant difference in the lives of others, so please join us as we do what we can to make life better for others.

We are working closely with two schools in Ghana, West Africa and most of our fundraising efforts are geared towards supporting students who attend those schools.

The Ayensudo Akoma International Academy was founded by the late E. Malkia Brantuo in 2004. It is their vision to be among the respected institutions that develop responsible citizens who will be able to successfully meet the challenges of their society never forgetting their own communities. Their curriculum includes Pan African History to strengthen the child’s self concept so that they will always achieve toward their greatest historical potential. Click HERE to learn more.

The mission of the Youth Institute of Science & Technology is to ensure that students learn the skills necessary to become scientists, engineers, doctors, nurses, environmental researchers and entrepreneurs. YIST develops the leadership and collective power of students through the integration and application of a science, mathematics, and technology based curriculum. The Youth Institute of Science & Technology provides exposure to university life through our yearly University Bound Program, which consists of providing career development. Leadership opportunities projects focused on green technologies such as solar energy, rainwater harvesting, bio fuels and organic gardening. For the 2013 Ghana Fundraiser, we built the new website for YIST.  Click HERE to see it.

“Dear Mama,
I warmly accept your offer as my sponsor and Godmother. I hope you are doing well? Grace Essibir is my name. I am 11 years old and in class 5 at Akoma International school. I am the third born child out of four children.
Two boys and two girls. They are Christopher Comfort and Paul. I play football during my liesure hours. Yellow is the colour I like most. My parents are Abraham Essibir and Gifty Baidoo. They live far away from me so I live with my Auntie called Alice Baidoo in Komenda in the CentralRegion of Ghana I can’t wait to share my words with you. I was born at 17th October 2001. I love you Mama.”
Grace Essibir
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